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Monday, 22 July 2024

Cleaning and desilting of Buddha Nullah is on war-footing-

Ludhiana, June 17 : On the directions of Deputy Commissioner Sakshi Sawhney, The Municipal Corporation Ludhiana (MCL) has been making earnest efforts to clean/desilt buddha nullah before the onset of monsoon by deploying machinery and staff at different points of the nullah.Four poclain machines have been deployed at different points of the nullah for desilting/cleaning purposes and 12 tippers have been deployed for shifting the silt/waste which is lifted out of the nullah. Desilting of nullah is done to increase the water carrying capacity of the nullah, so that the areas in the vicinity of the nullah or low lying areas of the city should not suffer during the monsoon season.

Apart from this, machinery has also been deployed for cleaning the internal drains of the city including Dharampura drain/Dhokka Mohalla Nullah and Barewal drain. One poclain machine has been deployed at each of the internal drains and one additional JCB has also been deployed at Barewal drain. Three tippers have been deployed at each of the internal drains for shifting the silt/waste lifted out of the drains.

Road gullies are also being cleaned on a regular basis and the majority of these have already been cleaned. Besides, cleaning of sewerage is also going on in all the cities/towns of Ludhiana.Deputy Commissioner Sakshi Sawhney mentioned that the district administration will remain fully vigil, so as to avoid any sort of untoward incident due to the ensuing rainy season. She stated that directions have already been issued to the officials to strengthen flood prone sensitive places to minimize damage in the possibility of any flood. She also added that the district administration has already made adequate arrangements to meet any sort of situation in the wake of the rainy season.

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