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Tuesday, 18 June 2024

Vardhman special steels limited contributes Rs 8 lakh for skill centre

Ludhiana: Vardhman Special Steels Limited gave a cheque of Rs 8 lakh to the district administration on Tuesday for the operation of the women's skill development centres under the CSR Project Nari Shakti.
The company’s Senior Manager CSR, Amit Dhawan, presented the cheque to the Deputy Commissioner Sakshi Sawhney in her office. He stated that Vardhman Special Steels would annually support District Skill Development Centres to help teach sewing skills to underprivileged women, enabling them to earn a respectable living. Nearly 300 girls receive training from such centres every year and use these skills to earn a livelihood or start their own small sewing business.
Deputy Commissioner Sakshi Sawhney expressed gratitude to the management of Vardhman Special Steels and its vice chairman Sachit Jain, Soumya Jain, and RK Rewari for their philanthropic efforts.

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